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Pastor Joe Speaks His Heart

Get To Know Us! In This Video Pastor Joe Speaks About Who We Are, What We Do, And Why We Do It!

Celebrate Hope Support Groups

Overcomers - Tuesday at 7PM


Pastor Joe Chevere leads this group. Overcomers Outreach is an international network of Christ-centered 12  Step support groups which ministers to individuals, their families and loved ones who suffer from the consequences  of any addictive behavior. We exist to serve as a bridge between  traditional Twelve step recovery groups and churches of all  denominations. We recover together as we meet to study and grow in God's  Word. Our ministry is all welcoming, regardless of age, race,  lifestyle, background, or belief.  

B.A.M. - Thursday at 7PM


Reverend Ann Marasco leads this group.  B.A.M. – (Begin Again Ministries) is a support group for family & friends of those who are dealing with addiction.  Our ministry is all welcoming, regardless of age, race,  lifestyle, background, or belief.  

Immovables - Saturday at 4pm


CASAC-T Eddy Cain leads this group.  Immovables is a support group for anyone dealing with addiction, hurts, habits or hang-ups that utilizes the 12 Steps and more. Our ministry is all welcoming, regardless of age, race,  lifestyle, background, or belief.   



Family Recovery Conference

9 AM - 12 PM

900 Richmond Road, SI, NY, 10304, Christian Pentecostal Church

Event Details


Family Recovery Conference

Hosted by Anchor House Inc & Celebrate Hope Center

Topics Include:

  • Family Support and Guidance for this OPIOID Crisis
  • What don't I know? What do I need to know?
  • Who can I speak to about our situation?
  • Why is this happening to our family?
  • How do I help one family member and protect the rest of my family?
  • What about the clash between faith, recovery, and mental illness?

Attendees Include:

  • OASAS (Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services)
  • SI District Attorney's Office's Amanda Wexler, LCSW, CASAC-T (H.O.P.E.)
  • Tackling Youth Substance Abuse's Jazmine Rivera, MPH
  • Licensed Social Workers in Mental Health
  • Recovery Coaches, Clergy, Organizations, and Resources

9 AM - 12 PM

900 Richmond Road, SI, NY, 10304, Christian Pentecostal Church


Celebrate Hope Variety Concert Fundraiser

6PM - 10PM

1020 Targee Street, Staten Island, NY 10304

Event Details


Celebrate Hope Variety Concert Fundraiser

An amazing night of music to raise money for Celebrate Hope Center to continue it's mission! 


Jeremias and Rufina Antonetty

Deborah Antignano

James Burrus


Sammy Velazquez

Get your tickets here:

or at Celebrate Hope Center!

For info contact Pastor Joe


Let's continue to touch the lives of people and families in Staten Island! Your financial support and prayers are greatly appreciated!

6PM - 10PM

1020 Targee Street, Staten Island, NY 10304

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at the Celebrate Hope Recovery Center is to:

Embrace people dealing with addiction, loss, or other hurts, habits or hang-ups.

Equip people with tools for recovery & renewing skill sets to use in their daily challenges in life.

Empower people with knowledge, support and hope. 

Encourage people to discover and move towards their God-given purpose in life.  

Envision people set free from addiction and toxic behaviors and assist them in living healthier and balanced lives.

What We Offer

  • Support Groups Designed for Everyone 
  • Long Term Treatment Placement
  • Transitional Coaching After Care
  • Recovery Coaching One on One
  • CRPA & CSAC-T Counseling
  • Detox Referrals and Placement
  • Intervention in Home or Hospital
  • Job Application Computer Station
  • Resume Writing Class
  • GED Course
  • Pinot's Palette Art Therapy
  • Narcan Training
  • Community Outreach 

How We Work

We  are dedicated to providing resources to aid any addict desiring   recovery that can help the arrest of their disease and begin to build the   foundations of a new and better life. We  provide support groups,  referrals to addiction treatment facilities, as  well as media materials  to help provide any recovering addict with as  many tools as we can to  combat this terrible disease and begin the  healing process.  

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Pastor Rivera shares the story of his amazing journey through recovery and how Christ healed his heart!

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